On Your Back Raise Your Legs

By raising your legs slowly and lying onyour back, you can’t sink in quicksand.

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15 thoughts on “On Your Back Raise Your Legs

  1. … quicksand is heavier then the human body (and normal water) = ITS IMPOSIBLE TO SINK IN QUICKSAND (even if you try)

  2. @ Dasmaster: It is possible to sink in quicksand although it is heavier then the human body it’s the movement of people struggling that makes the sand shift and allow the body to sink thats why rocks won’t sink when put on quicksand

  3. and how to get off the quicksand after you dont get stuck because i dont think that you can get off the quicksand so easily by raising your legs and lying on your back

  4. wtf this is cool but stupid. even if you cant sink if someone tries this you are a moron… i mean common is someone really gonna rememeber this when they get stuck….. “o yea what about the thing they told me to do on funny facts.com” no one is gonna do that they are just gonna struggle and sink and then die… and if you do go into quicksand you are stupid

  5. lol can t say it aint true cus every one who tried it has never returned to say it ball crap

  6. well because sand is a solid its still dense enuf 2 support you while lying flat much like how water striders (insect) walk on water (weight distribution). try pushing someone and then poking them with the same amount of force used each time, they will say the poke was more painful because its the force focused at a point much the same as how your legs sink into the quicksand, and to those who say you will sink well have u neva floated in the water before. however to answer the question of how to get off i cant answer you perhaps try doing backstroke lol

  7. apparantly you sink but once you reach the bottom you bounce back up slwoly, but by the time ur down and up youve suffocated.

  8. Truly lethal quicksand is actually a muddy swamp covered by a thin layer of still water. Oily sand from banks around when disturbed, falls onto the water but floats on top and appears dry. Unsuspecting victims see the floating sand and don’t realize it is water, when they step or fall in, their legs sink into the dense swamp mud. As the suction caused trying to pull a foot out of the mud is greater than the weight the mud can support on the other foot, each attempt to pull a foot out just see’s the other sink in further. Eventually the person is so deep in the mud their head is below the water layer on top and they drown. The oily sand floating on the water can remain floating and appearing dry even after a long period of time or heavy splashing. Once the water still’s the floating sand looks like solid ground again.

    Slowly laying backwards utilizes the floatation of the air in your torso to provide the weight support needed to slowly release your feet from the mud, but it has to be slow, or the suction effect becomes too great.

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