Moving The Moon

The moon is moving away at a tiny, although measurable distance from the earth every year.

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12 thoughts on “Moving The Moon

  1. The moon is indeed moving AWAY from the Earth at a rate of about two inches a calendar year.. During the dinosaurs age, the moon would have taken a full quarter of the night sky, and as we go along, it will slowly and consequently, gain distance.


  2. I had a crazy idea to fix this problem… blow it up and replace it or hire the A-Team to laso it back into place… I myself am for option 2

  3. Scientists always get it wrong….if the moon had been moving towards the earth or away at the rate they have QUOTED, and the age they say the earth is, the we would either not be able to see it by now or the moon would be on your doorstep…

  4. this is your answer, zippy, the moon is about 240,000 miles away, times 5280(foot per mile) times 12(“per foot)=15,206,400,000″(inches) away from us. so no, it would not be too far away from us to see… being that earth is under 5billion years old and if the moon started from the surface of the earth, it could have been moving away from earth at a rate of 3” per year and be where it is right now…

    scientist still can’t agree on how the moon was created…

  5. if the moon started on the surface of the earth then it would be attracted towards it but it will not go away

  6. None of you are right, “The moon is in fact move away from the earth at a rate of 1 in. per year” – CIA Factbook

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