Most Women judge a first date by this

54 percent of women judge their firsrt date by this? What is it?

Their cell phone. Sounds pretty materialistic to me.

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7 thoughts on “Most Women judge a first date by this

  1. The only thing I would judge this by is how much it is used during the date. C’mon, if he has lost interest at this stage, what will it be like in a month’s time?

  2. As a man Ugh First dates make me so nervous anymore and I guarantee a lot of men are this way. But the First date makes me so nervous anymore because women are SOOOO unbelievably judgmental on first dates and it has gotten so much worse within the last few yrs. Women have this imagination that the first date should be the absolutely perfect beyond perfect date and if he doesn’t say the exact right words she will basically if not during the date certainly after but a lot of the times they want to run. They want this to be an absolutely perfect date and if he’s nervous and for that matter she’s probably even nervous but she’s judging that if he’s nervous and don’t say the immediate right thing she want to run and instantly NO second date oh no no no he can’t certainly must not be nervous, he must say the exact thing. This will always kill women’s chances because she’s out for that “Mr. Perfect” and that simply doesn’t exist. Women that do this will always be looking for something that is never ever there. It’s a pure fact people get effin nervous when meeting for the first time. Both men and women don’t know EXACTLY what to say on a first date. Dating takes effin TIME yes it effin DOES take time!!! So damn many women first date to be like ohhh I met the perfect guy and buy the time I get home she wants’ to be like awwwwwww he’s perfect, he said the absolute right thing, he wasn’t nervous at all it was 100% perfect. Sorry women but dating and getting to know each other TAKES TIME!!!!!!!!!!!! It SERIOUSLY TAKES MORE THAN ONE EFFIN DATE!!!!!!! These days women put SOOOOO unbelievably so so much pressure on first dates that a lot of men are like screw it throw up their hands and are like Eff it cause if she’s just going to throw her fit cause it wasn’t absolutely perfect then she wants to immediately say no no no no no to any other date no matter if he was a tad nervous, he didn’t say the perfect thing. Women that go about it this way won’t get anywhere with dating because they are looking for this “perfect” that simply does not exist. Men just want to go out without so damn much pressure, enjoy the date get to know her and then continue to get to know her. Women have taken the men’s term “wham bam thank you mam” (which is insulting to women) and turned into their date version “wham bam no thank you man” (this is so insulting to men).

  3. Women these days need to be more appreciative on dates. Men are going out of their way to try and go out with you, set up a nice date and try and get to know each other. Women these days are way to judgmental, way way to critical on first dates, more and more women sulk and pout if they don’t think the first date is “perfect” (which never exist). Well He** why should men even go out of their way to put something together for a date if all she’s going to do is immediately rip it apart and so nope. The very least women can do is appreciate that we men put something nice together for a first date and a little more than just a thank you. Were not necessarily saying sex on the first date but at least a genuine hug, show some damn compassion and show that you truly appreciate that we took a huge effort and time to put something nice together to go out.

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