Money Is Sexy according to

Twentyfive percent of women think money makes a man sexier

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8 thoughts on “Money Is Sexy according to

  1. God i hate that… plz make them experience samting like “Lost” and they might get better thoghts

  2. missy you are obviously one of the 75% of women. When you think about some women are actualy like that.

  3. “lmao i think it should be 95%”

    It is, all the others are lying. Truth is; money turn skanks on, but skanks get old, with money you can just by new skanks.

    Thats what so beutifull about the skank mind. Boys dont have to be attractive anymore, just loaded with cash

  4. kasam se paisa bhagwan to nahin par bhagwan se kam nahin
    show me one women who loves his man more than money money definitely makes a man sexier and confident and women ( most ) swoon over men with money those who say they dont are lying and they are the ones who would not waste a second to jump into the bed with rich men

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