Human Brain Facts


The human brain contains an average of 100 billion neurons, linked with up to 10,000 synaptic connections each. Neurons communicate with one another by means of protoplasmic fibers called axons, which carry signal pulses called action potentials to distant parts of the brain or body and target them to specific recipient cells.

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7 thoughts on “Human Brain Facts

  1. The human brain is the most complex and relevant organ of our body. Brain is responsible for every actions and thoughts of an human being or an animal. The composition and functions of the brain is really complicate. Especially the wonders and exceptional task it performs is something that makes us to unravel the mystery of human brain and its functions even today. But still we are not able to complete our research on human brain.

  2. The mind is also refered to as being plastic having a consistency refered to as Plasticity because of the amazing ability, for places of the brain that have been labotomized or taken out or damaged in accidents, to have other parts of the brain around that area mold over to try and make up that lost function with that part of the brain making our brain able to rewire in case of mising cuts. We also must continue if you want to keep from getting Alzhiemers and other brain problems such as that you must always continue to learn and do new things instead of continually carving our same path then the plastic becomes rigid and stuck in one place always using the same parts of the brain for all the things we know how to do instead of actually activating new parts of the brain everytime we do and learn something new that keeps the brain functioning healthily. PSYCHOLOGY FOOLS

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