Fijians apologized after all this time

Fijians apologized to descendants of a British missionary killed and eaten by their ancestors 130 years ago.

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5 thoughts on “Fijians apologized after all this time

  1. aww sad. they ate him? well at least they said sorry right? because i am sure that family was still just grieving terribly

  2. Actually I lived in Fiji not long ago, this apology occurred as the people of Fijian village, where the incident happened all those years ago, believed they were cursed as a result of eating the priest ‘Thomas Baker’ who accidentally insulted the chief by touching his (th e Chiefs) head when dislodging a comb that had become stuck in his hair. They believed the curse would be lifted by apologizing to the ancestors of this man years later

  3. i like kyndals response i would have said sorry the first day… bad juju is no juju for me.

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