Ferrett Weasel War Dance


When a ferrett is excited they perform a routine commonly referred to as the weasel war dance, a frenzied series of sideways hops. This dance is often accompanied by a soft clucking noise, commonly referred to as dooking. This type of dance is often an invitation to play or an expression of excitement. Often, this behavior will break into a game of chase, pounce and wrestle. Ferrets in war dances are very accident prone, often hopping into obstacles or tripping over their own feet.

Ferrets spend 14 to 18 hours a day sleeping. They are most active during dusk and dawn. Ferretts usually sleep in six hour sections. Though ferrets sleep more than most other domesticated animals, they are very active when awake and will seek to be released from their cage to get exercise and satisfy their abundant curiosity daily.

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