Genital Insects Fetish

“Formicophilia” is the fetish for having small insects crawl on your genitals.

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12 Responses to “Genital Insects Fetish”

  1. Kenny (Teen) Says:

    thats discusting probably the only thing they can get

  2. Mallory Says:

    I did not need to know that.

  3. Trevor Stevens Says:

    Good to see there are people like me in this world…

  4. dez Says:

    that would be a hilarious chat up line to say in a pub, all right love how about you come back to my house and i’ll show you what formicophilia means lol however only i can do it because we don’t want the bugs being sucked up your vaccum lol

  5. Katie Says:

    oh yeah I like it that way
    me and Autumn like to sit under are canopy and
    put earwigs on our genitalia

  6. Katie Says:

    oh yeah I love it that way
    Me and Autumn like to sit under are
    little canopy with earwigs on our genitalia

  7. sam Says:

    omg katie
    what a subject

  8. aidantaylorrules Says:

    that is wierd but cool

  9. Jered F Says:

    More people like me in the world!

  10. BrynjarK Says:

    Most awesome knowledge in the world. Period

  11. Formicophilia_Man_nr_one Says:

    Hey! thats my favorite thing in the wholeee wide world!

  12. Marie :) Says:

    haha, thats like really screwed up. but speaking of bugs, i held a cockroach today 🙂 lols

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